Chikoo Ice Cream Details


• 750 ml milk
• 1 1/2 tbspcornflour
• 1 tbspg.m.s (foom booster)
• 1/4 tspc.m.c. (alginate)
• 6 tbsp sugar / 20 spoon sugar substitute as per taste
• 2 tbsp milk powder
• 1 cup cream (do not use low cal)
• 4 ripe chickoos

Preparation Time: 1\2hour
Cooking Time: 1\2 hour setting 6-7 hours

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Divide milk 100mllt to mix ingredients
650mllit to boil ,make 2\3 of it
Mix corn flour ,cmc ,gms ,thourougly ,strain ,mix with boiling milk.
Thicken till coats back of spoon. 4.remove from fire add sugar
Allow to cool
Keep in freezer to set
After 5-6 hour when set ,beat it nicely ,till fluffy
Add fresh cream ,add essence ,dry fruit
Fruit ,peel and mash the chikoos and add to the milk
Beat well preferably in a mixer.
Keep it in the freezer for 6-7 hours during which it should be beaten twice at intervals of 3 hours each.
Finally deep freeze for 6-7 hours. the time taken would also depend on the efficiency of the refrigerator.