About Us

Shah Family is into Farming since last five generations. We are known best for our superior quality mangoes and chickoos. For over 75 years we have sustainably produced the best quality of mangoes and Chickoo(Sapota) and we do this as it is our passion for farming. For us it’s more than business, it’s a legacy.

Late Shri Manharlal Motichand Shah, was connected with the soil, a grass root level farmer at heart who also worked for welfare of farmers and provided education on best farming practices, use of Technology etc and we, the present generation aim to maintain the same practices. He has won many awards in Mango and Chickoo category on country and state level, and continues to be our inspiration.

His legacy is continued by his son Mr. Hemant Shah, an industrialist, but also a passionate farmer. His vision has propelled our farm to greater heights. We grow a total of about 1 lakh kgs of Mangoes (Alphonso, Kesar, Langda, Pairi, Etc) each season and he also advocates farmers rights to best end price by cutting middlemen costs.

About 3 Years ago, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of saving and protecting the ‘Desi cows’ of India, and to bring about the awareness about the benefits and real need for people to consume the A2 milk instead of the widespread exotic breeds milk that’s prevalent in India. We have built our own exclusive Gir cow farm from where we source all our milk. We take utmost care of each of our cows to make sure they are healthy and happy. We offer excellent quality of Ghee and Paneer along with Milk. Our future plan is to produce Cheese.